Jazz singer

Most of the time I create a maquette as part of the process of character development. These are quick,rough sculptural drafts that  help reveal problems in the 3d model that are not apparent in the 2d illustration. This helps alot down the road when the character has to built and rigged. The production team can immediately see the character, so the pipeline for production is clear and concise. Input and changes in clay are alot less time consuming than in 3d.

Might take a few seconds to load…

Monkey character

love the premise of the Kung Fu Panda movie. The animation on the Panda was incredible! Thought the take on the cheesy 70′s retro kung fu movies was way cool.

So I spent a few days messing around  with the creation of a character or two in the same flavour. This one is a Gorilla with a cannon for an arm.