‘Batman Arkham Asylum’ game art


An example of how marketing images were concepted and then implemented (The joker blue face is painted over the existing game model). The overall feel was to be dark and menacing, but also stylistic. The aim was to push the game into a more grim and realistic arena, we wanted it to be a definite depature from anything seen before in any previous Batman game title.

Architectural element design – Batman Arkham Asylum

These are architecture based prop designs, segments that emphasis the gothic essence of Batmans world. They are then technically drawn (blue prints) and handed off to 3d artists  to construct. These are always designed for maximun reuse throughout the game either broken down into their smaller elements and then re-assembled in new ways or as part of new objects.

The last two images show how seperate elements can be used to create various new ones. This type of re-use is invaluable for complex game environments. From there the individual 3d artists create their own unique designs using the seperate elements but making sure to always adhere to the art direction.